I'm a real novice tanner and particularly white

Good day. I've just returned from a week in Lanzarote where we met the lovely Sayeh. We loved the products and bought the SPF 15 lotion as well as the Hydrator lotion. I'm a real novice tanner and particularly white. The sun lotion worked really well but I didn't put it right up to the hairline and got a nasty burn. If it wasn't for the Hydrator lotion it would have blistered and got nasty. It peeled a little but more Hydrator lotion prevented me peeling my friend and I were amazed. We both bought an extra Hydrator lotion each. Have a great season guys, especially you Sayeh en route to Cyprus. Sayeh is a real asset to your company. Very friendly, personable and a great presentator and front person for your products.

Robert Critchley reviewed Suncare Central – 5 Stars

May, 2018

If you suffer prickly heat you will try anything!

If you suffer prickly heat you will try anything! 2 years ago I decide I was gonna try this after listening to the lady at the pool for days talking about it. Within 2 days my prickly heat had completely gone and I also got the best tan I'd ever had. Highly recommend. Have just ordered last week and arrived within a couple of days, very impressed. Is a bit expensive in comparison to shop lotions but if you are a prickly heat sufferer it's pennies to enjoy your holiday.

Lisa McKenzie reviewed Suncare Central – 5 Stars

May, 2018

I love these products!

I love these products! I've been using them since a holiday in Tenerife in 2009 when my friend was suffering with prickly heat. The rep recommended her a gel for the prickly heat which cleared it up almost straight away. We were so impressed that we went back the next day and bought the suncream and aftersun. Both are fantastic, smell lovely and gave us an amazing, long lasting tan. The aftersun is by far my favourite product, it actually clears up your sunburn overnight. I still continue to buy these products online every year for my holidays.

Sarah Louise Evans reviewed Suncare Central - 5 Stars

February, 2018

The best product ever

The best product ever. Have been using it for over 15 years. Use the sun lotion nearly every day now that I am living in Spain. No sunburn or prickly heat which I used to get all the time. Aftersun is so cooling and all products smell gorgeous. Always have a great tan

Sheila Downie reviewed Suncare Central - 5 Stars

February 11, 2018

Sensitive skin

Since having children my skin has been super sensitive. On our first family holiday to Tenerife I came out badly in prickly heat, I sat and listened to the suncare advisor for two days until I plucked up the courage to go and ask what it was all about. I decided to give it a go, I was sceptical but paid for the aloe after sun and a sun cream thinking it was never going to work. How wrong could I have been!!! Within two days my skin was healed and I went home with the best tan I had ever had!!! Since that year I would never go into the sun without wearing this amazing product. I use the whole range from body wash through to moisturises. The tanning oils are amazing and definitely a must have product. I’ve now used for the last four holidays and will use every year. The reps on resort are fantastic and if I see people suffering I actually tell them about the suncare range. I have converted most of my friends and family to the suncare range too! Highly recommended

Nicola Pockett reviewed Suncare Central - 5 Stars

February 11, 2018

Natural Tone Organic Beauty And Tanning Oil

Natural Tone Organic Beauty And Tanning Oil is now my favourite daily product. I First used it to help my tan in October last year and it was amazing and my tan lasted for ages. Since coming home I’ve been using it daily around my eyes/face at night and even a little on my hair if it’s looking a little dry. The smell is lovely and it doesn’t leave you feeling oily as it’s so light. 5* product

Jane Webber reviewed Suncare Central – 5 Stars

February 9, 2018

My son had terrible prickly heat

My son had terrible prickly heat while we on holiday in Fuengirola and was in agony with it. I had a chat with one of the reps who came to the hotel who gave some excellent advice and sold us some products. The recovery gel was fantastic, soothed it straight away. We then used some of the sunscreen followed by the rose hip and Aloe lotion which solved the problem for the rest of the holiday. Needless to say, we were converted and haven’t had a problem since. Fantastic! The sunscreen is now used by the whole family, we don’t burn and get a lovely tan.

Nicola Albiston reviewed Suncare Central – 5 Stars

February 9, 2018

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